You're exactly where you need to be if you're ready to…
  • Reclaim your energy levels *so that* you can power through your days *without* needing to down multiple cups of caffeine

  • ​Bring out your natural, feminine, beautiful shape as you lose weight comfortably *without* deprivation, overwhelm or relying on willpower

  • ​Learn how to enjoy delicious foods that keep you satisfied, focused and energized *so that* you can have a busy work day and still have the energy to be present, productive and loving with your family in the evenings

  • ​Seamlessly fit healthy habits into your busy schedule *without* burnout, neglecting your life's responsibilities or giving up the things you love to do

  • ​Learn how to de-stress *without* relying on sweets, alcohol, Netflix binging, and other habits that clog up your mind and drain your energy

  • ​Love yourself from the inside out *so that* you can genuinely feel beautiful and confident in your body all year round, no matter the occasion! 

  • Learn how to take excellent care of yourself and your family for life *so that* you never have to return to the place you’re at now with your health, lifestyle and body

Hey, Gorgeous! 

I’m Lauren Sanchez, board-certified holistic health practitioner and women’s weight loss specialist.

I'm known for my no-nonsense, keep-it-simple approach for helping busy women get their health, body, confidence and energy levels back and better than ever using holistic modalities that bring balance to the body and mind.

No "magic pills", potions, quick fixes or gimmicks — just holistic health practices, unwavering, judgement-free support, and undeniable results for life.

With the Wellness Winners Holistic Health & Weight Loss Program, you can reach YOUR ultimate health, energy and body goals too!

Here’s What You Get in my exclusive, 6-Month, Custom Holistic Health & Weight Loss Program:

Custom-Created Holistic Roadmap

• A custom plan that details literally everything that you need to progress - including food, exercise and a lifestyle blueprint - all sent to you in an easy to read, beautifully laid out digital booklet accessible wherever you are.

• As you progress and get closer to your goals, your plan changes with you.

• This is NOT some "cookie cutter" plan. This is completely tailored to YOU, your unique needs, your unique goals, and your unique lifestyle.

Customized Meal Plan
(that you’ll actually enjoy!)

• No more stressing over what to eat and what not to eat! You’ll know the exact foods to eat to get you closer to your goals with every yummy bite. 

• Enjoy easy-to-make recipes for things like chicken alfredo, veggie pizza, keto gnocchi, and more!

• Get ready to actually be excited about nutrition! Healthy eating should be enjoyable - that's the key to making it a lifestyle & not just another "diet" attempt!

Personal Lifestyle Blueprint 

• During your time in the program you'll learn how to seamlessly fit perfectly timed healthy habits into even the most hectic of days - all without neglecting your life’s responsibilities or giving up the things you love to do.

• This includes things like food timing, penciled-in self care, and optimal scheduling for things like exercise and sleep -- all organized around your schedule in such a way that leads to your continual progress.

Tailored Fitness Routine

•  Say "good riddance" to fitness frustration and confusion, because your custom plan includes a fitness routine (complete with tutorials), tailored to your body and your goals.

• Whether you're hitting the gym or getting a good sweat session in at home, you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it!

One-on-One Coaching

• You get private bi-weekly coaching calls where we celebrate your wins, talk about your struggles, reignite your motivation and develop plans of action to overcome any unique hurdles you’re facing while making the lifestyle changes described in your custom plan.

• You have someone in your corner to ask questions, lean on for support and keep you on the easiest, most effective, most efficient and most enjoyable path to success all while you learn the skills and build the habits you need to take excellent care of yourself...for life.

Wellness Winners Training Vault
(Lifetime Access!)

• In the vault, you’ll find content that covers everything from achieving and maintaining hormone balance, to mind management, gut health, time mastery, staying on track while traveling or eating out, optimizing your home for optimal health, and more!

• You’re not always going to have someone there to create a custom meal plan for you, or give you a fitness or lifestyle plan for the rest of your life. So you need to be able to understand the principles by which your body thrives so that you can continue making progress or reach new goals on your own terms. - the vault has got your covered there!

• No pressure to get to all of the content in the vault, because you get lifetime access to this continuously growing educational video library!

Feel Confident About Your Enrollment with a
3-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have 72 hours to cancel should you get cold feet. There’s really nothing to lose here - except a few pounds if you want.

Sustainable weight loss and healthy living are possible because it's amazingly simple and even enjoyable when you’ve got a custom holistic plan and accountability in place to keep confusion, lack of motivation, busyness or anything else from steering you off the path to success.

This program checks all of these boxes and more.

"I have gained so much confidence and energy that others have
become curious about what I am doing.
I would recommend Lauren to anyone! She understands that your body is not anyone else’s body, therefore you aren’t training to be like anyone else but
learning how to become the best version of yourself."

- Faith R.


  • Throwing on a tank top or shorts when it’s hot *without* feeling uncomfortable in your body

  • Being able to power through a busy work day but still having the energy to be present, productive and loving with your family afterwards

  • Feeling sexy and feminine in a beautiful dress on date night or regaining your passion and confidence during intimate moments

  • ​Enjoying the little just-for-you milestones like a boost in mental clarity & positivity or understanding how to pamper yourself in guilt-free ways that feel good and are good for you

  • ​Going shopping for clothes you feel amazing in and are actually excited to wear

  • ​Or just being proud of this area of your life as well...

You’re invited to join the program and get everything 
that you want for your body, health and life.

For a limited time, enrollment to this amazing, life-changing program is open.

Whatever your goal or reasons, it’s time for you to step out in faith and say “YES!” to prioritizing your health, regaining your confidence and energy, and loving yourself and loved ones enough to take excellent care of YOU.

If you’re finally ready to invest in being the healthiest, happiest, best version of yourself, book your consultation and let’s get started!


- Lauren



6 Monthly Installments

(that's only $17 per day!)



1-Time Investment

(Best Value - instant savings of $997!)

“I was hesitant to spend that amount of money on myself, but I realized that I was doing this for more than just myself. I was doing it to be a better mom, wife, daughter, professional...and that motivated me throughout the entire program.
“Do it! It is a life-changing program that is worth. every. penny.”

- Alison P.

Get over 1 month of this elite program for FREE when you go ALL IN for your health and body by enrolling with the single-investment option
($800 Value)

Enjoy a 1-year membership to Thrive Market! This online, membership-based market delivers the highest quality healthy and sustainable products right to your door at member-only prices which are up to 50% off retail prices.
($59.95 Value)

Enroll with the single-investment option, and  get a $75 grocery shopping credit added to your Thrive Market membership as well.
($75 Value; $134 Total Value)

Natural, high-quality supplements play a big role in healing and addressing the 3 biggest weight loss prevention culprits: imbalanced hormones, inflammation & poor gut health.
Get your first order of vitamins/supplements covered in your enrollment!
(Up to $100 Value)

 Not only will you have your tailored fitness routine that details exactly what to do….you’ll also have high-quality equipment to do it with and get the best out of your plan whether you’re in the gym, traveling or at home.
($69.99 Value)

So there you have it!
1 life-changing program & 5 incredible bonuses you get when you enroll.

I hope that giving you these 5 gifts shows you my dedication to your success and is perhaps finally the push, sign or answered prayer you need to finally take back control of this area of your life.

Getting the health and body of your dreams could not be simpler.

This program gives you everything that you need to be successful.

All you have to do is say "yes!"



6 Monthly Installments

(that's only $17 per day!)



1-Time Investment

(Best Value - instant savings of $997!)

If you want different results in the future, you've got to make different choices in the present.

Got questions? I've got answers.

"When does the program start?"
As soon as you sign up!
"I’ve tried a lot of things, how do I know this program will work for me?"
If you’ve tried to lose weight or live healthy before and failed, don’t beat yourself up because likely, it's not your fault. Many programs and weight loss advice fail at helping you achieve lasting results because they use one-size-fits-all, unsustainable practices that only focus on food and exercise and they neglect to address the root causes of excess weight and stubborn weight loss.
Wellness Winners will work for you because you are not a number! Weight loss is simple, effective, comfortable and sustainable with the holistic, custom approach offered in this program.
"How soon until I see results?"
Everyone is different and there are a number of factors that play a role, but my clients typically get their first few results within the first 2 weeks of working with me!
"Can I still join if I’m vegan, vegetarian, kosher, etc.?"
Of course! This is a whole foods-based program with natural supplementation that can work for just about any style of eating. To be sure that your special dietary needs can be accommodated, simply send an email to with your question.
"Do I have to count calories?"
Nope! The goal of the program is to make reaching your goals simple, not to add unsustainable habits to your list of things to do.
"What happens when/after I enroll? "
Fireworks go off and I do my happy dance! Just kidding - partly.
Getting started is incredibly easy. After you enroll, you’ll receive a couple of emails - 1. An email confirming your purchase 2. An email with a link to sign your coaching agreement 3. An email from me welcoming you into the program and explaining your next steps. It’s a super simple process that I walk you through the entire way.

"I have another question that’s not here… "
Write and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
You can also book a complimentary consultation using the calendar at the bottom of this page, if you'd prefer.



6 Monthly Installments

(that's only $17 per day!)



1-Time Investment

(Best Value - instant savings of $997!)

Words & Encouragement From Other 
Wellness Winners

(3-month testimonial)
"Lauren's program was an amazing, eye opening experience. As a wife and stay-at-home mom of two, my life is revolved around taking care of others and I wasn't taking care of myself as best as I could. Having Lauren's program was having a girlfriend right alongside me, with no judgement, guiding me to making healthier choices and carving out time for myself. I have lost 10 pounds, feel better, look better and have more confidence. Working with Lauren was a pleasure and I'm so thankful I did it!" 

- Alyssa H.

(6-month testimonial)
 “I think that trying to do it on your own can be very isolating and can often lead to failure. However, with someone supporting you, you feel a sense of community and being cared for. Lauren has not only given me an effective guidebook on how to see the results I want, but also genuinely cared about improving my mental well-being. There is an undeniable association between weight and mental health, and it was through Lauren that I was able to finally feel grounded and more confident.
I expected to see results in my physical body but I definitely didn’t expect to feel as mentally grounded as I do now too."
- Britney L.
(6-month testimonial)
“I am proud to be able to say that I’ve lost over 20 pounds. That makes the most impact when said but there are so many changes that I’m proud of- my overall lifestyle is totally transformed. I was surprised that some really big changes happened but it all seemed to happen with relative ease and at its natural pace. Nothing seemed forced. I have more clarity of thought, I’m a more positive person, I have more energy, I crave whole nutritious foods more than I crave sugary processed foods, I feel good!"
- Dr. Alison P.
(3-month testimonial)
"I'm down about 15 pounds. WIN! I'm a bigger fan of water. I now choose water over coke! SUPER WIN! I enjoy going to the gym. It's no longer a chore. I'm looking forward to continuing my weight loss journey. My motivation has increased. I want to be the best version of myself.
- Chiso U.
(3-month testimonial)
 “What I love about Lauren’s program is it helped me to take the restrictive, difficult, punishment approach away. The core of the program is based on self love and self care, something that seemed to escape me as a single mom. More importantly the program was not some imaginary life schedule that I could not realistically maintain but based on my actual life. By making it simple and enjoyable the idea of it being a lifestyle became realistic. I was able to focus on how good I felt, full of energy and not tracking calories, steps, rules etc. I have spent so many years approaching weight loss on my own, with negative self talk and emotional baggage from yesteryears, it feels so freeing to approach it from a positive perspective that takes my whole person into consideration. I've seen a real difference in my energy levels, better quality sleep, my digestion improved, & I lost 14 pounds.”
- Jan P.
(6-month testimonial)
"Typically you are just a number to coaches or trainers but with Lauren you can really feel how dedicated she is about you reaching your goals.

I have achieved so many milestones but the ones I am most proud of is the knowledge I have gained on self-love, healthy eating habits, trusting the process, and training not only the body but the mind daily. This experience has helped me through some of my darkest and challenging days. I stopped making excuses as to why I couldn’t have the body of my dreams and started believing that if I put my mind to it, I could achieve it. I have gained so much confidence and energy that others have become curious about what I am doing.
I would recommend Lauren to anyone. She understands that your body is not anyone else’s body therefore you aren’t training to be like anyone else but learning how to become the best version of yourself. If you’re looking for someone who will teach you these qualities while loving the skin you’re in look no more, you are home!“
- Faith R.



6 Monthly Installments

(that's only $17 per day!)



1-Time Investment

(Best Value - instant savings of $997!)

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