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"When it comes to taking care of our health & bodies, too many of us are victims of what we don’t know. I’m passionate about changing that."


Hey, there!
I'm Lauren.

I totally get it — you do all of the things, juggling multiple roles, and managing a team’s worth of responsibilities each day, but girlfriend, that doesn’t mean your health has to take a back seat. In fact, quite the opposite. Your health should be even more of a priority! You can't afford to be sidelined by chronic health issues, lack of energy, or worst-case scenarios.

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way multiple times, once in my own experience that climaxed when I slid off the freeway having what was my first
stress-induced panic attack — more on that story later — and another time through the death of my grandmother who passed due to a combination of chronic diseases that the modern world of medicine often chalks up to “just aging”. And truth be told, like many of us, it was something that I believed for a long time too.

These milestone experiences and many others, led me down a path to discover impactful truths about the interconnectedness and healing capacity of these incredible bodies of ours, and unearth the secrets to lasting health and wellness, often hidden in plain sight. I now see that far too many of us are victims of what we don’t know when it comes to taking care of our health & bodies. I’m passionate about changing that, and helping as many women and families as possible avoid learning the hard lessons of neglected health.

My mission is to empower and educate women on how to seamlessly integrate wellness into their busy lives, honor their health each day through simple choices, and achieve the body, energy and balance they deserve & desire, naturally.

God has given us everything we need in nature to care for and thrive in these vessels — at every age and in every season.

Over the past 6 years, through my online natural health programs, events and live talks, I’ve helped hundreds of women elevate their lives through improved health.

You’ve come to the right place to do the same, and I’m so grateful you’re here. Take a peek around the site. You’re going to love my no-nonsense, keep-it-simple approach to reaching your health & body goals. I look forward to connecting with you further to do just that.


Lauren Sanchez
Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Women’s Natural Health Specialist

Treat the system not the symptoms.


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